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Connected Mine IoT

Coal Mine Digitization

India's largest mining company specialized in mining operations implemented Carbynetech's smart IIOT solution for asset performance management.

Learn how our smart solutions helped company's mining operations to analyze critical machine parameters and establish a correlation with productivity and quality.



The Problem

Asset performance and monitoring,both are very crucial to any mining industry.The company had to halt all the mining operations if any breakdown occurs.Understanding the performance of their industrial assets,the amount of coal being processed at the coal watery was eventually a challenge for the company.

Not only this,the mining area being a danger prone area,it was difficult for the company to manage incidents due to lack of network connectivity and long distances.


Carbynetech's real time solution helped the company to conquer all these challenges.The solution demanded the Real time processing of live data from across all the assets and establish correlation between machine settings and production output.Our integrated IoT solution enabled the company to manage the complete coal handling plant at their fingertips.

Project Synopsis

  • Real time asset performance
  • Loss classification
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Condition monitoring
  • Incident management system
  • Integrated security control & command center


  • Real time process visibility
  • Prescribed machine settings
  • Quality improvement
  • Maximum scability

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