Digital Supply Chain

Explore endless possibilities with Carbynetechs’ Digital Supply Chain Solutions.

Get unprecedented control over your end-to-end supply chain.

Curate a well-crafted data strategy with the help of digital supply chain techniques.

Monitor every piece of your supply chain to the deepest granularity.

Despite ever-changing corporate and consumer landscapes, businesses are struggling to meet ever-increasing supply chain challenges. The companies need to anticipate demand fluctuations well in advance and be agile and decisive in responding. Furthermore, a lack of transparency, complex processes, and poor partner relationships can hinder a company’s lead times. Monitor every piece of your supply chain while speeding up your decision and cycling inventory faster. The Digital Supply Chain is the result of the application of electronic technologies to every aspect of the end-to-end Supply Chain.

Manage complex supply chains with the help of optimized procedures and accurate analytics.

Carbynetech’s Digital Supply Chain is a comprehensive service that provides master data standardization, data integration and analytics based on proven frameworks which includes several supply chain operations, including:

Supply Chain Optimization

Carbynetech’s Lead Supply Chain consultants have expertise in delivering advanced & optimized systems that recommend and respond to faulty lines within operations by using cognitive models like AI & ML.

  • Inventory & Demand Optimization through Azure Digital Apps
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Order Management

Intelligent Platform

Manufacturing and Supply chain experts would support your futuristic ideas, concept proofs and solutions for increasing process and people efficiency and technology.

  • Network, Demand and Supply Planning
  • Intelligent Forecasting
  • Shop Floor Scheduling - Real-tIme IOT
  • Margin and Cost Optimization (Zero-based costing)

Azure Digital Apps

Bring your business vision to life by integrating Azure solutions that help you gain actionable insights, optimize your processes, cut costs, track your operational performance and predict future business trends.

Industrial IoT 5.0

Combine your intelligent machines with industry experts by integrating Industrial IoT 5.0 to create effective, robust and intelligent environments that drive personalized customer experiences.


Plan your business-critical decisions with SAP IBC solutions and adapt quickly to market changes and customer needs.

O9 Supply chain Contributor

Enable better, well-informed decisions and innovate your business models with leading O9 solutions.


Manage your end chain with the help of leading digital products.

Advance your business-level with innovative business solutions and strategies.